was birthed out of Fish-N-Loaves’ desire to fill several gaps in the existing fight against hunger in the Mid-South and beyond. It was designed to be a centralized web portal aimed at serving as a resource hub to enhance the national fight against food waste, food insecurity, and hunger in local areas. Over time it has morphed into a living, breathing, growing offline community.

The Hungernomics community is comprised of a diverse group of people ranging from global food retailers to legislators to small food pantries to social services professionals to neighbors to friends. No matter the category, they all have one thing in common: they are committed to eradicating food waste, food insecurity, hunger and many other attributes associated with poverty. You can learn more about Hungernomics here.

Collaborations and Joint Video Campaigns:
We are continuously working with local governments and other noteworthy national organizations to film, produce, then launch community awareness campaigns featuring food production, food preparation, and sustainability videos that equip individuals interested in obtaining best practices led by subject-matter professionals. These campaigns are designed to incite your passion and educate you and your team. We encourage you to check back to see some of our awareness videos. You can view a comprehensive list of the aforementioned videos here.