Memphis 3.0 Collaboration

In 2016, the City of Memphis started embarking on an exciting journey. For the first time in almost four decades, a strategic plan will be developed to outline a new direction for Memphis – intended to create a City of great neighborhoods and to maximize the City’s ability to improve the quality of life for all residents. Core focus areas of the Memphis 3.0 plan are connectivity, sustainability, livability, and opportunity, and it will include strategies for enhancing land use, transportation, environment, city systems, growth and prosperity, neighborhoods, and civic capacity.

And Memphis’ government officials want to hear from residents across the City. Once complete, the Memphis 3.0 Plan will be a reflection of our values, our hopes, and our vision for our neighborhood and our community at-large.

Below is our “Memphis 3.0” concept/contribution video that was submitted at the end of 1/2017. We encourage you to check back to stay up-to-date with our development process.