The Modern Day Food Fight (Bread Boxes)

Would you believe it if you were told that 40 percent of the food produced in the United States never actually touches a plate? That being said, it’s estimated that 14.5 percent of DeSoto County residents know what it means to go without food regularly. And the Shelby County statistics are believed to be just as alarming! Solving hunger is no stranger to many great organizations in the Mid-South and we applaud their efforts on a daily basis. In order to aid those organizations and others that want to further improve the food insecurity issue in the Mid-South and beyond, many leaders in the associated communities have joined forces.

Learn how the Fish-N-Loaves “bread box” will directly impact hunger and food insecurity in DeSoto County and beyond by offering On-Demand access to nutritious food for the residents within the communities.

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The community is comprised of a diverse group of members ranging from global food retailers to legislators to small food pantries to social services professionals to neighbors to friends. No matter the category, they all have one thing in common: they are committed to eradicating food waste, food insecurity, hunger and many other attributes associated with poverty.

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The community is always seeking motivated volunteers to help make an impact in the communities it serves.

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Enroll My Zipcode is a centralized web portal that was designed to serve as a resource hub to enhance the national fight against food waste, food insecurity, and hunger in your local area.

As a participating zipcode, in addition to having your zipcode’s information listed (and kept up-to-date) as it relates to Contacts, Food Donors, Food Pantries, Food Aggregation Hubs, Backpack Programs, Senior Food Programs, Meals on Wheels Programs, Food Recovery Programs, Food Policies, etc., your local government and residents gain access to the tools needed to effectively fight food waste, food insecurity, and stay up-to-date on hunger-related issues and events impacting your hunger community through:

Email Alerts about leftover donations available for pickup/delivery
Email Alerts about one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities
Access Codes to strategically placed bread boxes that contain free, nutritional food
Emergency Food Distribution hotline phone number
Food Recovery, Assembly, Distribution, Production, Preparation and Sustainability courses taught by industry professionals
Free Access to “Hunger Talk” videos led by local, regional, and national experts on food waste, food insecurity, food access, food policies, and hunger
Free Access to our annual Hunger Summits
SMS Broadcast Alerts for high priority hunger community notifications
Downloads of free, high-resolution promotional materials
And so much more…

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Receiving regular contributions from sponsors/donors make budgeting decisions more proactive and efforts more impactful. You can ensure children and families have access to healthy food and nutrition programs all year round by making monthly or quarterly contributions to the Hungernomics community. For more details, contact us.

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